InVENTION Video Editor Review

InVideo video editor review

InVENTION Video Editor Review

When it comes to cutting edge technology, InVideo video editing software is one of the leading products on the market. When it was first introduced, it quickly became one of the most popular video editing programs available. Invented by three well known film producers, InVideo templates were designed for two unique uses. Firstly, they were designed as InVention’s take on a conventional film editor, allowing the user to use filmstrip style editing and also to save a wide array of movie titles as well as music tracks. Secondly, InVideo templates allowed users to create professional looking videos with little or no technical know-how.

InVention was released in the early nineties and although its primary target audience was professionals, InVention quickly became popular with amateurs due to its simplicity. Invented in an easy to use design, InVideo templates made it simple for even someone that knew nothing about computer graphics to operate. This was particularly true of the product’s format. Each InVideo template had been specifically designed to operate with particular video players. In fact, the only “dependent” program that InVideo required in order to function was the popular free media player Acapella. The templates themselves offered a virtually unlimited number of creative possibilities, allowing users to create professional looking videos with practically no technical skill whatsoever.

InVention’s basic drag and drop video editing interface made it incredibly simple for anyone to use InVideo templates. Not only were the options plentiful, but the speed at which these templates worked offered a real alternative to traditional film editing. In addition, there were a large number of add-ons that can be used with InVideo templates which further increased their popularity among amateur and professional video editors alike.

InVention’s biggest shortcoming is its inability to import audio files. In past versions of InVideo templates, this was a very limiting feature. However, this problem has now been addressed with the recent introduction of the InVideo HD plug in. The HD plug in allows users to import high resolution audio files such as losslessly compressed WAVS (Windows Media Audio File) files. In fact, some of the latest video templates feature a wide array of audio recording options that allow users to not only record audio, but also to edit it, as well.

One other limitation of InVideo templates might be their lack of support for the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. While this software did include a video editor that was compatible with this operating system, it did not include InVideo templates that could be used with this software. However, most users are not really concerned about this limitation since there are so many other video editing programs that have full support for the Windows CE platform. In fact, it is probably better to purchase InVideo HD if you are going to use this software for professional video editing.

Overall, InVENTION is an excellent video editing software package. This software has all of the features that you would expect from an advanced video editing program. InVENTION’s key features include: video editing features including both, text and picture editing options; the ability to import and save various types of media files such as MP3, WAVs, and other lossless formats; and the ability to easily edit and merge backgrounds, borders, and text. InVENTION is definitely a powerful video editing tool that is worth checking out by anyone who is looking for advanced video editing software.

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