Features of an Invision Editor

invideo editor

Features of an Invision Editor

The Invideo Editor is a simple yet powerful video editor that makes it easy to edit your own videos. For those of you who have tried editing videos before, you know how much work it takes. Not only does the user interface need to be intuitive, but also contains features that make it easy to produce professional looking videos. The latest version, 4.2, has new features and is even better than the previous versions. The key features of this great video editor include:

Advanced Video Editing Tools The Invideo Editor has a large library of advanced video editing tools including transitions, panning/zooming, time lapse options, image thumbnails, background playlists, and more. With these high quality video editing tools, you can easily create professional looking videos that will make a lasting impact on your audiences. You can also manage and control the volume levels on each frame of your videos with the volume slider. The Invideo Editor also includes an array of handy sharing tools and social media integration.

Advanced Timeline The Invideo Editor has a user friendly and customizable layout that makes it easy to develop and manage your projects. If you are used to working in a text based timeline with many add ons like action bars and image previews, you will be very impressed by the InVime Editor’s layout. It looks much like the Apple iMovie interface, but with a much faster and smoother transition between scenes and clips. You can drag and drop objects from the right side of the screen to the left, so you can organize your video content in an effective way.

Advanced Stickers You can also use the Invision Gifs gallery to search and create your own high quality and stunningly beautiful stickers. With an Invision Gifs gallery, you can import a variety of digital photo stickers that are pre-made to help you create professional looking videos. With over 400 high quality images available, you have a lot of flexibility when choosing which stickers to use in your videos. The Invision Gifs gallery allows you to import photos from your hard drive or network and then you can easily change their colors, size and transparency just by selecting the appropriate sticker.

Advanced Templates The Invision Avid editor offers over 500 different templates for videos that you can use to create your own professional looking videos that you can share with your audience. The templates are flat and have just the right level of resolution so that your videos look sharp and crisp. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds and themes and even apply a number of visual tricks to the photos and videos to enhance the appearance of your video content.

Additional Resources You can also add text to your videos using Adobe Invision’s built in text tool and its array of keyboard controls that make editing easier. This platform also allows you to easily move and resize each picture in your media library easily and smoothly. To add text to your video, you can use the Invision Pane which is a widget that you can drag and drop onto your computer screen. You can then type text to any location within the document that you want to appear in your Invision film. This widget is perfect for adding subtitles and other important information about the scene you are filming.

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