Create Your Own Professional Videos, Without Breaking the Bank

For professional and amateur film makers alike, a good video editing program is essential. Features vary among the different programs available today, from those that offer basic video editing capabilities to professional-grade apps that allow you to create videos with complex and high-end visual effects. In choosing the right video editing app, it is important to know what features are important to you. Consider the following factors:

Video Editing App

HDCP Pass-Through Video Editing Features The most important feature of the InVidea Pro software application is its HDCP pass-through filtering. Pass-through filters work to protect both video footage and meta data (such as credits and rating details) from being decimated or corrupted by high resolution digital signals. When using a digital camera, the footage can be compressed in HDCP format to save on storage space and deliver crystal clear video.

Advanced Filters The InVidea app comes with an array of advanced video editing filters, including Video Effects Pro, Beauty Recording Pro, and Chroma Key Filmstrip and Background Generator. These are not simple effects that are applied to already existing footage. Instead, these techniques introduce new footage into your videos, enhancing visual clarity and overall impact. For example, when you apply Chroma Key Filmstrip, you are effectively applying red filter over green screen footage. This technique creates a moving image that makes it easier to spot a particular subject in a scene.

Advanced Features In addition to the four-color adjustable contrast and saturation, the InVidea app includes four-color processing options: Standard, Smart Process, Highlight Reversal and Noise Reduction. Some of the technology incorporated in these four settings include: luminance corrections, gradation, curve fitting and clipping path creation. With InVidea’s HDCP pass-through filter, there is increased compatibility with HDTV and other high resolution media because of the encrypted data transport.

iSight And Audio Enhancements Another way InVidea keeps itself ahead of the competition is by including a number of groundbreaking features that set it apart from its competitors. For example, the iSight system provides real-time preview of the footage with built-in video stabilization. You can adjust the position of the camera or angle to get the clearest images and the clearest audio. When you’re looking for a free video editing app for android, nothing delivers more than the iSight system.

Four Brand New Movies InVidea has been working hard to deliver great news to all its users. After a few months of testing and research, InVidea has delivered the big update to its iSight feature. The new version of iSight brings along with it the ability to edit and share your iSight content from your iOS device. It allows you to send your iSight material from your iPad or iPhone to your TV with the push of a button. Now, you don’t need to get your laptop out of the house just to send your big movie clips to your family and friends.

Another great addition to iSight is the iSight Pro range of products. The iSight Pro range of products gives you the most comprehensive range of features combined into one small yet powerful tool. The iSight Pro 4K provides high quality imagery, perfect color and noise reduction, and smooth playback. The iSight Plus range of products will take care of your visual media needs, while introducing iSight’s groundbreaking technology into the professional video editing realm.

The good news for all iSight lovers is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience these amazing new features in the best possible format. iSight Free is the ideal choice for the aspiring video editor, or for the professional filmmakers who want to go the extra mile and boost their work with advanced features, ease of use, and superior quality. With iSight Free, you can create and edit stunning professional videos without ever leaving your home! You’ll be able to share your work with friends and family thanks to iSight’s intuitive interface, and with iSight’s advanced features and user-friendly interface, even a first-time video editor will be able to make professional looking videos, complete with captions, titles, music, and more. It’s the next best thing to actually being a filmmaker!

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