5 Best Free Apps For Home Video Editing

INVIDEUS is among the greatest free video editing tools which will make the process of video editing an air-brushed cakewalk for you. The Inventor’s Tool provides pre-made templates for the various popular social networking platforms so that you can effortlessly edit as per your requirements. It also gives a unique and user-friendly navigation system so that you are never lost at any point during your editing session. With Inventor’s Tool, editing becomes extremely easy and you can finish the video recording very quickly indeed.

Video Editing App

InVideus has the most powerful technology to blend motion graphics and images to bring high quality footage to your fingertips. It has the capacity to combine both live action and digital footage in any format and application you need. You can simply import your videos, photos or move sequences into the Inventor’s Video Editor and make them appear as if they have been shot on location. You can make your videos as complex as you want it to be, from a simple home video to corporate training videos with stunning explosions. You can even use the built-in editing tools to combine different clips together. In case you are not satisfied with the result after importation, you can export the clip to use in other applications as well.

InVideus has powerful features such as the Splitter, the Time slider, the Color Wheel and the Motion Graphics Gallery. This Video Editing App allows you to trim, move images around and add text according to the footage. The Splitter option helps you split long video files into several short ones. The Time slider lets you customize the speed of the video splitter. Finally, the Color Wheel allows you to select colors to splice the footage.

If you want to make short instructional videos for training purposes, the Inventor gives you several different options for editing. The tutorial videos provide a great beginning learning curve, since they are so simple to follow. In fact, the Inventor also comes with its own set of instructions, which is useful if you need some extra help. This video editing app allows you to import your own videos or use the ones that the company supplies for royalty payment purposes.

The InVideo App from Open Office is another basic editing tool that beginners will find very useful. This flexible video editing app gives you the ability to edit and share your work with the world in a hassle free manner. It also comes with several drag and drop features to help you organize items in the interface. The drag and drop feature enables you to easily organize items on the screen and move them about. You can also preview a picture in the photo album, which can prove to be very helpful when sharing your work with others.

The latest version of this great editing software is VSE, which offers many advanced features. This version comes with a new photo album and a special effects tab, along with the usual features. You can also import and save files in multiple locations with the help of this easy to use editing program. The advanced features will enable you to do complex editing tasks, which can give your work amazing quality and save you time.

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